The Suite Life of Zack & Cody is an American sitcom created by Danny Kallis and Jim Geoghan. The series premiered on Disney Channel on March 18, 2005 with 4 million viewers, making it the most successful premiere for Disney Channel in 2005. It was one of their first five shows available on the iTunes Store. The series was nominated for an Emmy Award three times and was nominated for Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards three times.

The series is set in the Tipton Hotel in Boston and centers on Zack and Cody Martin (Dylan and Cole Sprouse), trouble-making twins who live at the Tipton Hotel. The series' other main characters are the ditzy hotel heiress London Tipton (Brenda Song), the candy counter girl Maddie (Ashley Tisdale), the hotel's manager, Mr. Moseby (Phill Lewis), and the boys' single mother Carey (Kim Rhodes), who is a performer in the hotel's nightclub. The series is the third Disney Channel Original to have more than 65 episodes, after That's So Raven and Kim Possible. Reruns air on both the Disney Channel and Disney XD.

The Suite Life of Zack & Cody was the first Disney Channel series to feature a tag scene (the final scene of a sitcom episode, featuring the closing credits running over it) at the end of each episode. This began during the show's second season; the first few episodes produced for that season did not include a tag scene (though these episodes were shown out of order with the episodes that had tags). Prior to 2006, all Disney Channel series featured the episode's final scene and the closing credits shown separately

The show centers upon Zack and Cody Martin, twin brothers who live in the Tipton Hotel in Boston where their mother, Carey, sings and performs in the hotel lounge. Also residing at the hotel is the hotel owner's daughter, London Tipton, who is impolite and ditzy. Maddie, whose real name is Madeline Fitzpatrick, is the hotel's down-to-earth candy-counter girl. Mr. Moseby, the strict, dutiful, and serious manager is often a foil to Zack and Cody's schemes. The show is often set at the Tipton Hotel, but various other settings like Zack and Cody's school, Cheevers High School, and Maddie and London's private school, Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow Catholic School are used.

Most episodes focus on two stories: The first one is commonly centered on Zack and Cody while the other story is usually centered on London and Maddie. Other staff of the Tipton sometimes appear in both of the stories. All of the stories involve both Zack and Cody



Cole Sprouse, Dylan Sprouse, Phill Lewis, and Kim Rhodes appeared in all 87 episodes of the series. Brenda Song missed two episodes and Ashley Tisdale missed twelve episodes throughout the series.

Character Actor/Actress Episodes
Cody Martin Cole Sprouse (87 episodes, 2005-2008)
Zack Martin Dylan Sprouse (87 episodes, 2005-2008)
London Tipton Brenda Song (85 episodes, 2005-2008)
Maddie Fitzpatrick Ashley Tisdale (75 episodes, 2005-2008)
Mr. Moseby Phill Lewis (87 episodes, 2005-2008)
Carey Martin Kim Rhodes (87 episodes, 2005-2008)


The following is a list of cast members who have appeared in significant roles as recurring characters throughout the series. Each of the cast members listed have appeared in between 6 and 45 episodes and the list is ordered according to the number of episodes credited (highest number first). A complete list of all characters who have appeared more than once is included at The Suite Life of Zack & Cody recurring characters.

Character Actor Season(s)
Esteban Ramirez Adrian R'Mante 1-3
Arwin Q. Hawkhauser Brian Stepanek 1-3
Bob Charlie Stewart 1-3
Muriel Estelle Harris 1 & 3
Lance Fishman Aaron Musicant 1-3
Barbara Brownstein Sophie Oda 1-3
Millicent Kara Taitz 3
Patrick Patrick Bristow 1-3
Bartholomew Adam Tait 2-3
Norman the Doorman Anthony Acker 1-3
Janice and Jessica Camilla and Rebecca Rosso 2-3
Nia Moseby Giovonnie Samuels 3
Mary Margaret Monique Coleman 1-2
Max Alyson Stoner 1-2
Kurt Robert Torti 1-3
Irene the Concierge Sharon Jordan 1-3

Actor/Actress Special Appearance
The Cheetah Girls As themselves in the season three episode "Doin' Time in Suite 2330"
Chris Brown As himself in the season three episode "Doin' Time in Suite 2330"
Miley Cyrus As Hannah Montana in the season two episode "That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana"
Zac Efron As Trevor in the season two episode "Odd Couples"
Tony Hawk As himself in the season three episode "Foiled Again"
Jesse McCartney As himself in the season one episode "Rock Star in the House"
Kay Panabaker As Amber in the season three episode "First Day of High School"
Raven-Symone As Raven Baxter in the season two episode "That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana"
The Veronicas As themselves in the second part of "The Suite Life Goes Hollywood"

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